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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 7, 2019 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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with a russian warship in the philippine sea east of china earlier today. there is a statement now from the u.s. navy and essentially is what they are saying is a u.s. navy warship was operating in international waters, the "uss chancellorville" conducting helicopter operations. they were on a steady course because they were having helicopters to come back to the deck and you need a steady course for that helicopter to land on on a moving warship at sea. they were on a steady course. they say the russian ship approached them, closing, moving to within 150 feet of the moving ship, putting both the ship and crew at risk. it was at that point that the u.s. navy ship went full engines back, as they say. that means putting it into reverse and hitting the gas at the same time to move away in reverse as fast as they could to avoid a collision. the navy, we know from a u.s.
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official, as typical practice, as imagery of this entire incident. at this moment, the imagery is still classified, but u.s. officials are working very quickly to see about declassifying the imagery to show it to the world, because they are pushing back very hard against the russian account. the russians say, of course, as you might expect. the russians say that they are not at fault. that the u.s. navy is at fault. we know the imagery is out there, not declassified yet to show the world. it may come in the coming hours. john, barbara, please bring us updates as soon as you get them from the navy. >> i think the fact they're even considering declassifying that and releasing it to the public shows how angry they are. >> democratic front-runner joe biden has reversed course on a major issue for democratic voters. the former vice president declares he no longer supports
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the hyde amendment, which supports federal funding for abortions. >> i can't justify leaving millions of women without the care they need and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right. if i believe health care is a right, as i do, i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone cease zip code. >> i want to bring in frank bruni, susan glasser, and new yorker staff writer, jeffrey toobin, cnn chief legal analyst. frank bruni, joe biden says he feels that way two days ago and for decades before that, he felt differently. why the shift? >> there are two things going on here. one is the shift is the democratic candidates for president have moved to the left, right? and he was further further toward the center and he made the determination that was not a politically profitable place to
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be. but we've all talked about joe biden's campaigns in the past and the wobble in them and how they haven't been so successful. i don't understand given that this was out there in the pace of less than 48 hours, they say, yes, he stands by his old position. and less than 48 hours later, they say, no, he comes out and says, no, i've changed positions. this isn't -- just so viewers are clear on this, this isn't that he had had this position for decades and it hadn't been reiterated or revisited lately. they came out on wednesday and said, this remains his position and said it almost as a point of pride. beyond that, you assume reporting in various places where they were saying, these other candidated who might make an issue of this, they voted for the hyde amendment attached to other bills. and less than 48 hours, off complete about-face. >> susan, do you understand how and why this about-face happened? >> understanding is pretty simple on one level, which is clearly, it's not politically
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sustainable and they would rather take the hit now early on in the campaign than have it eat away at him bit by bit. but this is a reminder of how much joe biden has many votes like this in his career. if you spent fyi decadive decad capitol hill, the politics have changed pretty dramatically. abortion is just one example. and we could be looking at a situation, every week we're talking about this or that vote in biden's past that no longer makes sense in the politics of today. look at the debates we're having about the crime bill in the 9190s. there's a lot of other examples where i think biden could be eaten away at from his own long past record of voting. >> i think his democratic opponents will try, but the big question i have is are there new rules that apply in politics? to an extent, donald trump may be responsible for breaking them, because he's flip-flopped
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on god knows how many issues. but it may be that the democratic voters want someone who they think can beat the president? >> and i always thought that we are more interested in flip-flops than voters are. people change their minds, it's kind of embarrassing. mitt romney changed his mind many times. but all politicians do it to a certain extent. what interestis me is how much the democratic party has changed on this. 1992, bill clinton talked, abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. that abortion was something that they were sort of ashamed of being supportive of. now it's changed to, abortion is part of women's health care, it is something that is just another part of supporting women's health and the idea that you could wall it off as this embarrassing, not quite, something that you're ashamed to support, that's over in the democratic party. >> because it's been attacked. the reason it's changed, from the right wing, it has been so
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attacked and the access to abortion has been so restricted, i think it's causing this backlash of democrats to be much more vocal and supportive of it. >> i think that's a main reason. i don't think it's only reason. i think the fact that are there are so many women in power in the democratic party, independent of the assault on abortion rights. now, just says that the democratic party is not going to be ashamed of its support for abortion rights anymore under any circumstances and biden has to catch up on that. >> and there's another striking thing here that is worth mentioning. he said, i don't apologize for my position in the past and i'm not apologizing today. rememb remember, joe biden wouldn't apologize expressly for the personal space thing. it's interesting in this new era when so many democrats are apologizing for things in their past, he's taking a more trumpian "i don't apologize" approach. >> and the thing about the personal space didn't seem to happen him. the launch happened and he went way up in the polls.
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i want to see where this goes. and susan, joe biden has a real opportunity, but also a test, these debates that are coming up. joe biden needs to get through this and i'm very curious to see how he performs. >> with so many candidates at the bottom of the ticket, their struggling illegright now with determination of who's going to get in. they can only have 20 on the stage. for biden it's almost as crucial as one of these people you've never heard of, he doesn't have to break through. he has to maintain his position as a front-runner. his name recognition and decades in the public eye, but biden biden has never shown he could win convincingly a multi-candidate debate. remember, he ran in 2008 against hillary clinton and barack obama. he wasn't the winner of those
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debates. and can he stand out now and dominate the field? it's really uncertain. and as we saw in 2015 and 2016, with the republican primaries, when they had so many candidates, it really was the debates and trump's ability to dominate on that stage that was the beginning of how he put together this upset iting surpre run. and i think for biden, i don't know. >> i want to talk about impeachment and where the democrats are. nancy pelosi is still not moving forward, but jerry nadler is, it sounds like, behind closed doors, trying out some new arguments for why it is time to begin an impeachment inquiry. and that is, and you can tell me if you think that this holds water, he's making the case that if there were an impeachment inquiry, it would be headed by the judiciary committee, his committee, and that that would streamline it and centralize it. right now there are all of these different committees doing these disparate investigations and
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maybe it is getting in the way of some of their legislative agenda. if everything were just funneled through the judiciary, it would free up the other committees and make it sort of easier to get their arms around. that's one. and also, it would allow them to speak about it on the house floor, which right now you're not allowed to disparage -- i didn't know that, that you weren't allowed to disparage -- i think we've caught some people breaking that rule. >> we should have those rules here. but that seems to be his practical argument lately. >> i think the democrats should stop talking about investigating and do investigating. you know, all this talk about, should there be impeachment? should there be oversight? they ought to hold hearings. they're holding a hearing on monday with john dean, who with all due respect is a figure from the 1970s. you know, i don't think democrats are helped at all by this sort of process arguments about how we should do it or when we should do it.
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hold some hearings and talk about the substance of the investigation, not this process talk. it's june already. and, you know, the intelligence committee hasn't held any serious hearings, oversight has held a couple. the michael cohen hearing was a serious, important hearing. the judiciary committee hasn't held any significant hearings about investigating the president. do that, don't talk about this. >> and you can find people that has no privilege argument. corey lewandowski has no argument for privilege. he wouldn't be able to refuse a subpoena. >> absolutely. >> get to work. >> a cynic might look at it this way. who would br be the star of an impeachment hearing? >> that would be jerry nadler. i think that's a point worth making and that's one of the things going on here. but i also think that nothing that nadler is saying directly addresses nancy pelosi's hesitation here, which she thinks this is a potential
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political loser. so everything he's saying is an interesting argument if you're going to move forward in all of that, but he hasn't addressed that question. is this a smart political play for democrats in terms of what happens for democrats in 2020. >> you know that 59 of them memb believe that talking about it out loud, having hearings, will be politically advantageous, whereas nancy pelosi thinks she's seen this moua movie before and beginning impeachment investigations will ultimately re-elect donald trump. and >> you know, it's a really circular argument. if you don't have an investigation and an unearthing of the facts and element, how are you supposed to get people to support something that you haven't yet established in an authoritative, public way that needs to be done. and that's what's striking to me is democrats have been engaged in this circular argument rather than actually looking at the facts. i was recently on capitol hill and i was stunned that even many
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members of congress, democratic members of congress, critics of the president were saying to me, well, yeah, icht really good. through the whole mueller report. i'm working on it. it's very interesting. and when mueller gave his statement last week, you found many people, even republicans saying, i wasn't aware of what was in this report. and they seem to react and respond to the gravitas of the statement as offered by mueller. so it's surprising, "a," that he hasn't chosen to testify about his own work. but if even democratic members of congress have not read this report, i think is anyone really surprised that the public doesn't support impeaching the president on the basis of the a report that the people have not read. that tlechbt behere haven't opi hearings on. it seems that congress is a dereliction of duty if they use
4:13 am
noble-sounding argument, and weefr se we've seen more of that than actual investigation. >> every time you use that figure of 50-some democrats want impeachment, remember, flrn 200 democrats in the house of representatives. that means three quarters of them have not supported -- >> it's a little early for math, but i take your point. all right, we have a big update now on our breaking news. the u.s. navy just released those images that we were talking about of this near-collision between a u.s. and russian warships. we have that declassified image and we'll bring it to you, next.
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cruisers in the philippine sea. the ships came so close together that the navy says they were forced to throw its cruiser into reverse and hit the gas to avoid a crash. and cnn has just obtained an image of this near collision. cnn's barbara starr has been doing terrific reporting all morning long on this dangerous incident and you're at the pentagon with the breaking details, barbara, what have you learned? >> good morning, john. let's go right to it and put this image up that cnn has just obtained from a u.s. official. what you are looking at from overhead is you are seeing on the u.s. navy ship is on the left, the russian ship is -- well, as you look at it, the u.s. navy ship is on the right, but you see that russian ship coming from behind and coming in front of the u.s. navy ship. it is coming up along the right-hand side of the u.s. navy ship. and it came, according to the navy, within 50 to 100 feet as it came up along the right-hand side of the "uss
4:19 am
chancellorville," a warship that was in international waters, conducting helicopter operations in the philippine sea earlier today. the russian ship, according to the navy, comes within 50 to 100 feet. this is so dangerous, this is so close, there is such a chance of a crash, a miscalculation. just as you say, john. the u.s. navy said they had to throw the ship into full reverse, which means putting the ship essentially into reverse gear and hitting the gas at the same time to make sure thaerp out they were out of the way of this russian ship. earlier today, russia said that there was an incident, said that the u.s. navy was at fault, but we are goibeginning to see some the first images and we know that the pentagon is working to declassify further imagery. >> and as we look at this image, i want to point people to the wake here. you see the wake of that russian
4:20 am
destroyer coming in at the angle there. and those ships are so close. >> well, that's exactly right. that gives you an indication of what the navy says the russian course at sea was. it was on a steady course, because helicopters were trying to land on the deck of the u.s. ship. and they have to maintain a steady course at sea to land aircraft onboard their decks. the russian ship makes what this wake shows is a turn and comes up alongside of it. i'm not sure our viewers can see at the very, very right, you see some fuzziness. what that actually is is cloud cover. we believe this image was taken from one of the u.s. aircraft helicopters that were overhead at the time, documenting this. typically, u.s. navy ship crews maintains camera ready when they are in the vicinity of other ships to document in case there are one of these incidents.
4:21 am
but this image, just as you say, john, is some of the evidence so far that the russians were conducting pretty unusual maneuvers at sea. very dangerous business. john? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, we'll let you get back to the reporting on this. thank you so much for bringing us this information and that stunning image. alisyn? >> let's get reaction to this breaking news with democratic senator jeff merkley. he serves on the senate foreign relations committee. senator, great to have you here in studio. what do you see when you look at that declassified picture that was just released? >> it's hard to make out all the circumstances that led to it. we have had several instances including with the "uss john mccain" not so long ago, when there were collisions at sea. this is the sort of thing that gets intimately analyzed. what went wrong, what were the communications? who had the right of way? >> it sounds like the u.s. ship
4:22 am
was in international waters. and if you look at wake, to the russian ship is on the left. it appears that they were charging towards a u.s. warship. and the navy believes, i mean, it sounds like from barbara starr's reporting, that this was probably incompetence, that it was probably intentional. do you see a provocation there? >> well, it was intentional, it's absolutely a provocation. but so many times with these collisions the first reporting turns out to be wrong. so i certainly want to understand the details behind it. they were on a collision course, who first noticed it, who had right of way under the rules of sea. and why would the russians want to have a collision of two major dish i'm not sure they would really desire to have the two ships hit each other. that serves no one's purposes. >> great point. and of course, all of this is even more questionable with the
4:23 am
timing, because as we know, st. petersburg, vladimir putin is meeting with the president of china, president xi, and they have just declared themselves best friends. how do you interpret that? >> i don't know that that plays into this instance. mostly situations at sea occur because of failed communication, they occur because people have set courses and the commander on watch was not paying attention. i don't know. i doubt this has to do with the meeting between russia and china declaring themselves best friends. that just doesn't make any sense to me. >> let's move on to what's happening at border. as you know, the u.s./mexico border, there's basically an unprecedented number of migrants showing up. i think 144,000 in just the month of may, a 32% increase over the month of april, which was also another record month. you've been to the border seven
4:24 am
times, i believe. what do you think is leading to this spike in numbers? >> well, so when the surge started to happen a number of months ago, i called up all the people i had been connected with and said, what's going on? and they said, it's very clear what's going on. when the president started talking about a national emergency, when he started talking about stealing the borders, the coyotes and the international crime syndicates that move people north basically put out the word, advertised, this is your last chance. >> so just to be clear, you think that the spike in numbers is because of president trump's policy? you don't think it's what's happening on the ground in guatemala and honduras and the poverty and the violence b, et cetera? >> those circumstances are horrific. and i've gone down there with a delegation to look at them. the conditions are horrifying, extortion on every street corner and if you don't pay, you die. or they say they'll kill a member of your family or gang rape your daughter.
4:25 am
that's horrific. that is not a big change. there has been some concern with the elections coming up in guatemala, that creates more tension. but in general the folks i've spoken to on the ground, they're saying the big change is the message this is your last chance, president trump, if you're ever going to escape these dire circumstances, you have to come now. >> because president trump blames you in congress. he says, what have you done to stop these migrants coming. and to that end, congressman will hurd, whose district represents the alarmest sma ela betweof border between the u.s. and mexico, says that not all of the claims are legit asylum claims and that's part of why we're seeing numbers spike. more people are claiming it than they used to. >> there is the ability to claim asylum if you have threat of
4:26 am
persecution because you're a member of a group. and in the past, that has included persecution by gangs, which is very real. it has included domestic violence, which is very real. sessions tried to walk that back. that's being adjudicated in the courts. but only 10 to 15% of individuals who are applying for asylum are winning those asylum cases. the burden of proof is very hard. the main question here is are we going to treat people with respect and dignity. >> back to my other point. president trump says that congress isn't tackling this. >> well, president trump is simply wrong on this as he is on so many other things. he has politicized the border in a massive way. he's tried to have a core argument that if we mistreat migrants, we will discourage them from coming. when people are fleeing death,
4:27 am
that doesn't work. and furthermore, it's immoral and evil to say, i'm going to inflict trauma on children as a discourage to discourage people from coming. >> and are you sitting down with any of your republican colleagues to try to solve this? >> we are having conversations, but here's the thing, we had a bipartisan plan in 2013, we passed it in the senate, but it takes bipartisanship. my republican colleagues are saying, the president has politicized this so much as a campaign issue, we can't get in front of that train. the circumstances are much more difficult than we were before. and let's recognize about these conversations with mexico. what we're demanding is that mexico, in order to avoid these tariffs proceed to do what's called a safe third party treaty, which have means they would have to accept for asylum anyone passing through their country who actually wants to seek asylum in the united states. while this is something that mexico is not going to agree to. and furthermore, the
4:28 am
circumstances in mexico are so difficult and horrific that people will continue to try to find ways to get to the border with the united states. >> senator jeff merkley, it is complicated. thank you for explaining your position skpondand responding t breaking news. three americans dead in five days at the same resort in the dominican republic. now another couple says they got sick at the same resort last year. their story is next. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line.
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new this morning, as dominican authorities investigate what killed three americans in five days at the same resort, a colorado couple tells cnn they became violently
4:33 am
ill during their stay at the same place. cnn's drew griffin is live in denver, with the very latest on this. drew, what have you learned? >> john and alisyn, this was really a dream vacation turned nightmare, but a year later, this nightmare just isn't ending. kaylin reached out to cnn almost immediately after learning three americans just died at the same resort in the dominican republic where she believes she was poisoned along with her boyfriend. >> what is your reaction? >> blood boiling. it's too coincidental with the symptoms that we had for me to even begin to stay quiet about it. >> reporter: one year ago nothi month, the colorado couple traveled to the all-inclusive grand baya principe resort.
4:34 am
>> i woke up with a headache and when we came back to the room, it actually hit us a lot stronger and we smelled the smell of chemicals. >> she got progressively worse, then her boyfriend started feeling it too. they say they were sweating, drooling, dizzy, nauseous. it wouldn't go away. neither would the smell in their hotel room. >> we saw a housekeeper outside and like called her in to see if she could come in. she walked maybe five, six feet into the room and turned around and said, i'm not doing that. and got on her walkie talkie to the front desk and said something's going on with this room. she refused to come in and clean it. >> kaylin and tom had seen someone spraying plants in the air-conditioner outside their room. they assumed it was pesticide but the hotel wouldn't say what it was. they switched rooms twice. it didn't help. >> it progressed over the rest of our trip and the course of a
4:35 am
couple of weeks after. >> a couple of weeks? >> yeah. the abdominal cramping and the gi upset lasted for a few weeks. >> and you said drooling? >> yeah, drooling. >> sweat. >> bad sweat. tearing. >> dizzy, nauseous. and the abdominal cramping was the worst. that was the hardest symptom to deal with. it was just so much pain. >> reporter: back in colorado, she was diagnosed with organophosphate poisoning. heavily regulated and in some cases banned in the u.s., organophosphates are man-made pesticides banned in the united states. they can cause increased saliva, tear production, diarrhea, nausea, and death. they still have occasional symptoms and are concerned about their future health. even after filing a lawsuit, they still do not know what poisoned them. >> i just wanted the chemical
4:36 am
name. that is all i ever wanted. i could care less about the money if i can save my own life later, and him, too. it's what happened to him, what happened to me, what is it that we can do at this point? >> john, because of this couple's legal case, bahia resort says they couldn't answer any of our questions about the couple or anything and told us in a statement that we shouldn't even be speculating about the current deaths at their resort, while those investigations into those deaths continue. john? >> wow. drew. wow. it raises so many questions. thank you so much for that report. please stay on it for us. all right. i regret to report the st. louis blues are now just one win away from claiming their first ever stanley cup. why? because with the help of the officials, they beat the bruins in game five. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> no editorializing there, andy. >> boston fans just like you, not happy with the officials after this game. bruins head coach bruce cassidy
4:37 am
says afterwards, the missed call that led to the blues' second goal was egregious. the play that got boston fans all up in arms was right here when he was blatantly tripped and the refs didn't call anything and the blues end up scoring on the play. broouchbs president was so mad he got up and threw his water bottle across the room. the nba announcing that it has banned minority investor mark stevens for one year and fined him $500,000 for shoving kyle lowry. stevens released a statement apologizing for what he did. game four of the finals is tonight in oakland. the women's world cup kicks off in france in just a few hours. one game today, host, france, with will play south korea at 6:00 eastern. team usa will look to defend their thailand. they'll get going across thailand on tuesday. the patriots getting their super bowl winner at owner robert
4:38 am
kraft's house last night. tom brady has more rings than he has fingers. and he's getting in on the beer chugging challenge going around the nfl right now, and look at him beating center david andrews. 300 pounds, and he couldn't beat tom brady. is there anything tom brady is not the best at? >> it's impossible for him to lose at anything, andy, even beer chugging. it was one smile after another that the women's world cup, go usa, so excited for that. thanks, andy. >> should be an awesome summer. cnn has just obtained this just-declassified image. look at your screen. this is a near-collision between a russian and u.s. navy warship in the pacific. breaking details of this dangerous encounter, next. of course i'm not gonna just let them make all the decisions on their own. verizon lets me manage the time they spend on their phone. it's a win for all of us.
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all right. breaking news this morning. cnn has just obtained this image. look at this. this is a near-collision between u.s. and navy warships in the pacific. the ships came so close together that the u.s. navy says they were forced to throw its cruiser into reverse and hit the gas to avoid the crash. it's the russian vessel on the left. you can see, by the wake apparently coming in at an angle. the united states very upset about this. and there are questions about whether or not this was some kind of provocation. joining us now is senator mazie hirono, she serves on the harmed services committee. senator, thank you so much for being with us. obviously, hawaii such an
4:44 am
important military state. i don't know if you had a chance to look at the image, so let me put it back on the screen. when you see this, what are your concerns? >> my concern is that that was practically a near miss and so something like that should not happen at all. and yes, we do need to investigate whether or not there was some kind of a provocation going on there, because one would think that there are enough censors or whatever, equipment on both of these ships to avoid this kind of near miss. >> yeah. that is very close for two vessels at sea. as you look at the world. and again, i should note that president vladimir putin, russian leader, smeeti ings mee xi jinping in st. petersburg this morning. what's your sense of what russia is trying to do globally? >> it is trying to reassert itself as a country, even as its economy is basically on a downward turn. and you've got china just
4:45 am
probably smacking her lips at the prospect of getting into russia. and this is a plan that they want to become, in my view, and others' views, that they want to become the most economically strong power as well as militarily strong power in the world. that's what i think. and so they've been very busy all over the world in africa, in the pacific to get to that point. >> you are, of course, on the senate judiciary committee. i want to ask you what's going on in the house. because cnn learned overnight that the house judiciary chair, jerry nadler, has been pressuring nancy pelosi to open an increasing inquiry. it will allow them to consolidate the negotiations and allow them to be more open about some of the things they can say on the house floor. as you watch from the senate, do you think it's time now to open the official inquiry on the house side? >> yes. i've said so myself.
4:46 am
and this was right after mueller had a press conference wherein he very much focused on the fact that the russians had very, very intently and heavily interfered with our elections, to support president trump and the president's efforts to stymie the investigation and obstruct justice. he made those points very clearly and at this point, i think that we need to focus our entire country on what happened. and that is through an impeachment inquiry. >> does it matter to you that it's almost impossible to imagine the president ever being convicted in the senate if the house ever did go through with impeachment? >> there comes a time when we need to do the appropriate and right thing and i think this is that time. because even now, the president is continuing to try to obstruct whatever if house is doing to shed light on what happened during the 2016 elections and
4:47 am
thereafter. so his obstructive activities are continuing apace. >> one of the things that nancy pelosi has reportedly argued, and she is against opening the official impeachment inquiry as of now. one of the things she said reportedly yesterday and this was politico, she said, i don't want to see trump impeached, i want do see him in prison. what do you think she meant by that? >> i think that once he loses his presidency, he becomes a private citizen and all of the information that mueller put into his reports, or the two chapters will be used or can be used to indict the president. and it's very clear to me that but for the fact he's the president and but for the fact that the office of legal counsel says you can't indict a sitting president, he would have been indicted, as did some 800 or so former prosecutors who said the same thing. >> what about the appropriateness of talking about imprisoning your political opponents.
4:48 am
president trump, then candidate trump came under criticism for this, the lock her up chants, saying he was going to put hillary clinton in jail. why don't the same rules apply to nancy pelosi? >> because of the fact that the president did -- there may not have been enough evidence to charge him with conspiracy, but that does not mean there were not factors leading to that or there were not enough -- >> but saying you want to put ft. in jail, you would agree that saying you want to put the president in jail is a big deal, correct? >> yes. >> and it does come with risks, correct? >> yes, i would say so, but this is why i think that we should open an impeachment inquiry so we can get on with telling the public what really happened. because the public and not going to read a 400-page report, as so many people are said. they need to watch the movie, because they're not going to read the book. i think we would do a service to our country if we talk about and
4:49 am
shine a light and educate the public american on what's in that report. particularly as far as his efforts to obstruct justice, which i think is pretty clear. but then, you know, john, we're not in normal times. everything anybody says that is contrary to where the president is, he just goes on a massive attack. and that's what he does. that is modus on rdus onerandus. so we're covering this story, a mother vanishes and what happened in the days before she disappeared. that led to the ride ♪ which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. ♪ flights, hotels, cars,
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4:54 am
like governor ralph northam said last night, grief is not an event it's a process. we saw this process play out in this emotional ceremony not just for the first few rows, the families of the 12 victims escorted into the service at the beginning but we saw it all the way to the back of the room. thousands of people, law enforcement standing against the wall, unable to hold back their tears. what was special about this service is that it included many members of different faith organizations throughout the community and of course included governor northam who earlier this week had suggested a special session to address gun legislation, but last night he stayed far away from politics. >> we grieve with this community. we grieve with the coworkers who hid in offices, fearing for their lives and who must go back to work to see empty desks.
4:55 am
>> we will prevail as a stronger, more united and better community. this has changed us. we will not let this define us because we are virginia beach. >> and to that end another speaker mentioned building 2 is still blocked off behind police lines here. he said this is where city engineering work, they do permit processing here and just to make a point he said he didn't like the process of applying for permits, but once this tape comes down he said he's coming back in this building to show that this shooting would not stop or change the way that virginia beach lives. alisyn. >> natasha chen, thank you for that reporting. we want to pause for a moment to remember each of the victims. ♪ ♪
4:56 am
♪ >> our hearts are with their families and all of virginia beach. it has been two weeks since a connecticut mother of five vanished, her estranged husband and his girlfriend have been arrested. cnn has learned more about the disturbing case through court documents. jean casarez is live in
4:57 am
connecticut with the very latest. >> reporter: john, residents of this tight knit community are waking up again this morning with many more questions than answers. what has happened to this mother of five young children, jennifer dulos? as law enforcement continue their investigation into the disappeared of 50-year-old jennifer dulos legal documents say something police won't say at this point, jennifer dulos was the victim of a crime. after last being seen on the morning of may 24th dropping her children off at school, hours later a missing persons report was filed. during a search of her home police discovered multiple stains of blood on the floor, multiple areas of suspected blood spatter and attempts to clean up the scene. they concluded she was a suspected victim of a serious physical assault. >> the truth of it is that people are all dealing with
4:58 am
something that doesn't even seem real and yet it clearly is real. >> reverend peter walsh lead community members at a prayer vigil after the mother of five went missing. while police focus on their investigation, calling residents to ask for help. >> as part of this timeline we seek video surveillance from homes or businesses that have cameras which capture vehicular activity on roadways. >> that timeline had law enforcement searching a busy street in hartford after city surveillance video showed what appeared to be her estranged husband depositing trash bags into garbage receptacles, more than 30 stops in all. hours after jennifer went missing. a woman matching his girlfriend's description is seen with him. clothes and a sponge from the recovered bags were confirmed to have jennifer's blood on them.
4:59 am
that led police to arrest votu, dulos and tra consider. o in. os. after a court appearance traconos posted the bond, dulos did not and remains in jail. jennifer dulos and her husband reason embroiled in a divorce battle for two years. jennifer told the court, quote, i am afraid of my husband. i know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way and claimed that he threatened to kidnap their children. votus dulos denied it all to the court. while police continue to conduct searches at properties he owns, they are also combing through mountains of trash for any evidence that can determine what really happened to jennifer dulos. our affiliate w cbs is reporting this morning that the girlfriend
5:00 am
of jennifer's husband involved in that divorce battle actually met with connecticut state police and connecticut state attorney yesterday for over three hours at her attorney's office. now, we do not know what transpired during that time, but investigators need a break in the case. they need answers and they need it as soon as possible. alisyn. >> jean, what a horrible story. we hope investigators do get that break very soon. thank you for all the reports. now to this, a dangerously close encounter at sea between the u.s. and russia. let's get right to our breaking news. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. okay. good morning, again, everyone. welcome to your "new day," we are following breaking news for you this morning. cnn has obtained this just declassified photo, it's on your screen now, it shows what the u.s. navy says was a near collision in the philippine sea. this happened today between a u.s. cruiser and a russian destroyer. the u.s. navy and the russians
5:01 am
pointing fingers at each other


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